Our Sharonville location on Fields Ertel Road is now our only location offering dry cleaning services.

This means that we will wash, dry, hang or fold your laundry per your request. Our full-service laundry service includes your personal laundry, household items like comforters, rugs, dog beds, or even miscellaneous, hard-to-wash items like boat covers!

Any “wash, dry, fold” personal laundry you drop off at one of our locations is charged by the pound. Items such as comforters, rugs, dog beds, and other bulky items are charged a flat rate. Most laundry can be picked up same day but some will require overnight service.

Our helpful attendants are available at each location to break down any large bills. We have change machines that will accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills in exchange for quarters.

Yes, at our Oakley location there is the added convenience of being able to pay with a credit or debit card on all of our equipment through the Laundry Boss payment platform. We have two kiosks or you can download the app and start your machines from your smartphone,

Each of our locations carry an array of detergents and laundry boosters for $ .75 per box.

Leaving is ok, we just ask that you return in a timely manner. We are not responsible for unattended laundry and it may be removed by an attendant to allow other customers to use the machine.

If you are on the go we do provide a “dry, fold” service in which we will remove your laundry from a finished washing machine that you started, then dry and fold it for you. This service is charged by the pound.

Each location is equipped with double, triple, and mega load washing machines. Our mega load machines hold from 45 pounds to 60 pounds of laundry. We also have an 80 pound washing machine available at our Oakley and Sharonville locations.

Our machines are able to use powdered and liquid detergent as well as PODS. Please note that PODS are to be placed inside of the wash tub before closing the door and starting the machine.

Our Dexter washers (for Fairfax and Oakley locations) and Electrolux washers (for our Sharonville location) work best when they are full. Do not stuff! There should be about a 3 inch head space between the top of the load and the top of the washer drum. Without an agitator the clothing needs the friction of rubbing against each other to help loosen soil.

Our express machines are upgraded from a 100 G’s spin cycle to a 200 G’s spin cycle, thereby removing excess water and saving you time in the dryer. Our Sharonville location has Electrolux washers that have a 450 G to cut on dry time.

For an additional $ .25, some of our machines will extend your wash cycle time by 3 minutes. This is especially good for extremely dirty or odorous laundry (such as greasy work wear or dog beds).

Our dryers give 7 minutes for every quarter inserted. As many quarters as you like can be inserted but be sure to press the start button again if machine is already running and you add additional quarters. For the Sharonville location, 50# dryers are 5 minutes per quarter.

Dryers require heat dispersion in order to reach all articles of clothing, therefore we recommend filling the machine about half full so clothing can tumble properly. If you are drying comforters we recommend only one per machine and suggest you monitor the item so that wadding can be prevented and articles are not unevenly dried. If you open the dryer door to redistribute your article or to remove an article simply press the start button after closing the door and cycle will resume. It is important to note that over-filling of dryers plus excessive heat for prolonged periods of time can lead to spontaneous combustion of the articles being dried.

In our Oakley and Fairfax locations, depending on which dryer compartment you are using (upper or lower), select upper or lower controls and press start (there are arrows pointing to the dryer that is associated with the controls).

Balanced radial airflow provides maximum efficiency in drying your laundry. All of our dryers have an anti-wrinkle feature causing intermittent tumbles to keep laundry wrinkle free until the door has been opened.

All of our locations have a Lost and Found that is cleaned out about every 30 days. In order to prevent mildew, items left in washing machines found by our staff upon closing are dried, bagged and left at the front desk. The customer is responsible to pay for the drying. Loads left in dryers are also bagged and left at the front desk. We are not responsible for any damaged or missing items.


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